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Artist Residence


Torrinha Artist residence invites artists from all fields of practice and career stages, with an emphasis on highly motivated early career artists.

Torrinha artist-in-residence programme is grounded on the principles of personal exploration, professional development, connection, co-living and collaboration. 


Torrinha’s programme consists of cultural immersion activities like tours and city exploration, as well as visits to local galleries, museums, artist-run institutions and local artist studios.

The programme of the residence aims to offer conditions for residents to develop an informal critique routine, with visiting local art professionals.


The programme is not strictly designed for artistic production, but we encourage and assist artists in organising open studios, workshops, exhibitions and performances.




The residence offers a communal way of living and creating amongst other artist professionals in the heart of Porto art scene.

The residence’s location is in the old town Cedofeita district, it is close to the most galleries, historical monuments and the most popular cafes and bars.

Our Spaces


Torrinha residents are staying and creating in a 19th century 3 storey townhouse in Porto old town.


By the end of each residency session Torrinha organises an exhibition at Geraldes da Silva gallery located in downtown Porto.

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