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Our spaces

Torrinha residents are staying in a 19th century 3 storey townhouse. The residents work and create in their rooms and in a shared studio located in the Torrinha building. Each session ends with a group show at Geraldes da Silva gallery.

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Geraldes da Silva gallery

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By the end of each residency session Torrinha team organises a group show of resident artist’s work at our partners’ gallery Geraldes da Silva. 


Geraldes da Silva gallery is located in a 3 storey building in downtown Porto. The gallery has 3 spacious halls, an inner courtyard as well as a ceramic studio and a painting workshop. 


The final show of each session can be accompanied by a series of events, like concerts, screening or other presentations of residents' artworks.

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The House


Torrinha residents can stay in a 3 storey house, built in the late 19th century. The house welcomes its visitors with a traditional tiled facade, tall ceilings, and an authentic skylight above a wooden staircase. A characteristic area of the house is a large glass covered veranda, serving as a workspace with a great source of natural light or a gathering area. 


The house has a fully equipped kitchen with a small dining nook and two bathrooms with a bathtub, WC and a bidet. The house offers 5 single bedrooms and one double bedroom.

As many old houses in Porto, Torrinha house does not have central heating, electric heaters are provided during the winter season.

The residents are expected to share the common areas.


Torrinha residence provides resident artists with a shared studio. They can work and create in their rooms if their practice allows it. The studio is equipped with tables, chairs, shelves and easels. Artists are expected to share the studio on independent agreement amongst themselves. 


Residents are encouraged to organise open studios, workshops, talks, screenings, etc. in the Torrinha spaces. They can use the house for installing their work or holding a performance during an event.

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