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Asked Questions

Who can apply to Torrinha residence?
Torrinha artist residence invites artists from all fields of practice and career stages, with an emphasis on highly motivated early career artists. Invited artists must be over 21 years old. 
Am I required to make art during the residency?
No. Artistic production is not required. You can use the time in the best way that you see fit. Torrinha is perfect for research, exploration and reflection.
How long can I stay in Torrinha?
Do I have to pay a residence fee?
The shortest possible stay is 3 months. The longest stay is 6 months. 
Yes, there is a monthly fee. The price varies, depending on chosen accommodation type. The bedrooms in Torrinha vary between 700 and 1200 Eur per month. Residence fee for shared studio without the accomodation costs 300 Eur per month.
What is covered by the residence fee?
  • Organizational help with artistic production

  • Possibility to exhibit and hold events in the residence and residence’s collaborators spaces

  • Organizational and hands-on help with events and exhibits

  • Critical visits from local art professionals 

  • Local art scene events curriculum

  • Organized visits to local artist studios, artist-run associations

  • Tours to museums, art gallery walks, Porto city tours


  • Shared studio equipped with desks, easels, lighting

  • Projector, projector screen

  • Sound system

  • Wi-fi


      If accomodation is chosen

  • Private single bedroom

  • Weekly cleaning

  • Bed linen, towels

  • Electric heaters in the winter season

  • Shared kitchen with gas stove top, oven, microwave, dishwasher, washing machine

  • Shared bathroom with bathtub, WC, bidet

Are my travel costs covered?
No, Torrinha residence does not cover travel costs.
What is not covered by the residence fee?
​We do not provide:
  • Travel costs

  • Artistic production fees

  • Artistic materials

  • Meals for the artists

  • Electricity bill

What are my responsibilities as a resident artist?
  • Sharing the communal studios and living spaces

  • Following Torrinha Artist Residence regulations

  • Participation in informal critical meetings

  • Participation and exhibiting in open studio events if their practice leads to production

How are artists selected for the residence?
Applications are reviewed by Torrinha residence board of advisors.
When will I hear back?
What is the decision-making timeline?
Currently our applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Successful applicants are getting invitations in no later than 2 weeks after the submission. Open call deadlines are announced on the Open calls page
What kind of work can I submit with my application?
Artists working with any media are asked to submit a PDF portfolio (Maximum size of the PDF document is 100mb) or a link to their website (platforms like soundcloud, behance, vimeo are also accepted). 
Can I submit links to my videos or audio files?
Yes. If links are password protected, be sure to include login information. 
Can you help with my travel visa?
Unfortunately, no. Fees related to visa processes or are the artist's responsibility.
Can my partner, spouse, children, or family come with me to the residency?
Torrinha Artist Residency is intended for individual artists or artists collectives. We are able to host a couple in the double room. Family members, children and pets are not allowed.
Do I need to buy my own food?
Yes. Residents are expected to purchase or prepare their own meals during their stay. Torrinha house has a fully equipped kitchen. Many food shops, markets, cafes and restaurants can be found around Torrinha studios.
What is your smoking and alcohol policy?
Responsible alcohol consumption is allowed, smoking is not allowed inside the house.
Can I edit my application after it has been submitted?
Yes, applications can be edited. 

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